Leather Luggage Tags: The Ultimate Travel Accessory

At dimensions of 80mm x 40mm, our luggage tags are the perfect size for any suitcase, striking the ideal balance between visibility and convenience. Dive into our vibrant colour selection, including bold onyx black, bright sunshine yellow, chic slate grey, or zesty moss green, each designed to add a pop of personality to your travel gear.

Our state-of-the-art UV printing technology ensures your name doesn't just show—it makes a statement. Paired with a sophisticated black tie, these luggage tags are not just practical; they're a fashion statement ready to accompany you on your journey, ensuring your suitcase stands out at the baggage claim.

Whether you're searching for a quirky birthday gift, a thoughtful bon voyage present, or a special treat for yourself, our luggage tags are the perfect companion for globetrotters, weekend adventurers, and everyone who believes in travelling with style.

Don't settle for blending in when you were meant to shine. Choose an EversoPersonal UK leather luggage tag and give your luggage the stylish identity it deserves. Make your luggage stand out, make your travels memorable, and ensure your style is second to none with EversoPersonal UK's leather luggage tags. Secure yours today and travel in unparalleled style!

  • £7.99