Wooden Wedding Crate, Personalised wedding crate, Wedding Hamper, Card Box, Flip Flop crate, confetti, Grab A Pair & Dance

Introducing our versatile Personalised Wooden Wedding Crate, the perfect addition to your special day. This beautifully crafted wooden crate offers endless possibilities for various wedding purposes, ensuring a memorable and personalised experience for you and your guests.

Designed with love and attention to detail, our wooden crate can be customised with different designs to suit your wedding theme. Whether you're using it for wedding donations, providing flip flops for dancing, offering confetti for the celebration, or any other wedding purpose, this crate serves as a charming and practical accessory.

Made from high-quality wood, the crate exudes elegance and durability, ensuring it withstands the demands of your wedding day. Its spacious size allows for ample storage, accommodating items such as flip flops, confetti, cards, or other special mementos.

Surprise and delight your guests with this personalised wooden crate, a unique touch that adds a touch of charm and functionality to your wedding celebration. Create a lasting impression and keep your treasured memories safe in this versatile crate.

Our personalised crates are simply stunning, they are well-made sturdy, and durable, you can have any text you want to be printed directly on them, we don't use any stickers or vinyl.
We directly print your chosen design and personalised text directly to the wood.

Supplied flat-packed, all screws are included, takes no more than a few minutes to put together.

6 Great styles to choose from.

  • £19.99