Cozy Chic: Super Fluffy Monogram Embroidered Socks

These ultra-soft, exceptionally fluffy socks are like a cosy embrace for your feet, all while flaunting a chic, personalised touch.

Choose Your Palette!

  • 21 Sock Shades: Dive into a spectrum ranging from Royal Blue to soft Lilac.
  • 9 Embroidery Threads: Make a statement with Light Blue, opt for timeless elegance with Black, or dare to dazzle with Red.

Customisation at Your Fingertips!

Personalise your pair with up to three characters, including spaces and punctuation. For that added impact, all letters are embroidered in capital letters, ensuring your socks are as unique as you are.

The Ultimate Gift for Any Occasion!

Whether it's Valentine's Day, a birthday celebration, a wedding, Christmas, or a significant milestone birthday, these socks are the perfect choice for spreading joy and warmth.

How to Personalise:

  • For Embroidered: Choose your sock and thread colours, then input your initials in the provided box.
  • For Non-Embroidered: Select your sock colour, opt for 'NO EMBROIDERY', and enter ‘N/A’ in the box.

Size Matters:

  • Universal Fit: Comfortably fitting UK sizes 3-7!

Swift Delivery:

  • Quick Turnaround: Orders are dispatched from our facility within 24 to 48 hours!

Ordering Instructions:

  1. For Embroidered Option: Select your preferred sock and thread colours, then type your chosen letters.
  2. For Non-Embroidered Option: Simply choose your sock colour, select 'NO EMBROIDERY', and enter 'N/A'.
  • £12.99