'Mr & Mrs' Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Set: Travel in Style Together

EversoPersonal UK's exclusive 'Mr & Mrs' passport cover and luggage tag set. This beautifully coordinated duo is designed for couples who love to journey through life side by side, exploring the world in style.

Crafted with eco-conscious sensibilities, our set features vegan-friendly PU leather that's gentle on the planet and soft to the touch. Offered in four chic shades—classic black, pristine white, blush pink, and sophisticated grey—this elegant set ensures that you and your loved one can travel in a way that complements your individual styles.

Our direct UV printing technique adds a personal flair to each piece, with the 'Mr' and 'Mrs' designs prominently displayed to make your travel gear stand out. Ideal for wedding gifts, anniversaries, or simply as a gesture of love, this set is a luxurious necessity for any couple ready to embark on their next adventure together.

Celebrate your journey as a couple with this exquisite set, ready to accompany you on every adventure, create unforgettable memories, and express the unique bond you share.

  • £29.99