Leather Luggage Tags: A Must-Have for Every Traveller

At a dainty 74mm x 25mm, these tags are the quintessential accessory for your luggage, proving that the finest details can make the biggest impact.

Available in a spectrum of vivid colours, each as vibrant and exciting as your travel destinations. Choose from the professional graphite grey, tranquil sage green, bright canary yellow, or the classic midnight black to complement your travel aesthetic perfectly.

Crafted with the latest UV printing technology, your personal details are inscribed in a font that’s as stylish as it is secure. These tags do more than bear your name; they herald your arrival in style. Accompanied by a chic black tie, your luggage will stand out in sophistication from the departure lounge to your final destination.

Perfect for every type of traveller, from the minimalist jet-setter to the business commuter or the leisure holidaymaker, these tags serve as a subtle yet bold statement piece. They also make an ideal gift for those difficult to shop for, or as a thoughtful gesture for someone embarking on a new journey.

  • £9.99