Signature Chic: Personalised Cardholders in Four Stunning Shades & Designs👛✨🎨

Elevate your everyday essentials with EversoPersonal UK’s personalized cardholders, where elegance meets individual expression. Available in four stunning shades, each with a unique design, these cardholders are the quintessence of tailored sophistication.

Pink for the romantic at heart, grey for the soul of summer, cream for the lover of classic luxe, and black for the bold spirit — every color tells a story, your story. Each design is a work of art, a statement piece that speaks volumes about your personal style.

Crafted from premium vegan-friendly PU leather, these cardholders are kind to the planet and soft to the touch. With your name or initials UV printed to perfection, every swipe and every exchange is a reflection of your unique identity.

These cardholders are not just functional — they're a fashion statement. They're the perfect gift for a dear friend, a stylish gesture for a colleague, or a well-deserved indulgence for yourself.

[Choose your color, choose your style, and make it yours. EversoPersonal UK’s cardholders are waiting to add that personal touch to your daily transactions.] 🌈👝💳

  • £11.99