Green Greetings: Teacher's Personalised Plantable Christmas Cards

Plantable Christmas Cards, a festive and eco-conscious gift idea from teachers to their students. Offering a selection of four enchanting designs, including Holly, Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree, and Snowflake, each card is crafted from seeded paper that blooms into wildflowers when planted. Available in packs suitable for any class size, these cards make for a thoughtful and educational gift.

Printed on recycled brown kraft paper with exceptional detail, each card is a testament to beauty and environmental responsibility. Beyond their festive appeal, they transform into a vibrant garden, offering a lasting impact long after the holiday season.

Teachers can personalize these cards with a special message, instilling a sense of wonder and anticipation for the blooming flowers. It's more than just a card; it's an engaging experience in nurturing and growth, reflective of the holiday's essence.

  • £14.99