✨ Custom Printed Christmas Eve Box, Wooden Children's Xmas Festive Keepsake 🎁

🎄 Delight in the wonder of the season with EversoPersonal UK's beautifully crafted 🎅 Personalised Printed Christmas Eve Boxes. Created with heartfelt care in our charming English studio, these boxes are a canvas of festive joy, ready to become a part of your holiday tradition.

Sized perfectly at 100mm x 250mm x 200mm, they're designed to hold all those Christmas Eve wonders – from warm pyjamas and storybooks to the jingle of Santa's bell. Choose from our four dazzling designs:


Printed with the highest quality 1400 dpi resolution, each design bursts with colour and detail, ensuring that every box is a vivid piece of artistry.

Gift the box that everyone will remember – ideal for children awaiting Santa's knock, a special someone who loves Christmas, or to bring an extra touch of magic to your own festive eve. The vivid print and personalized detail will make it a treasure for anyone fortunate enough to receive it.

Personalizing your Christmas Eve box is as easy as a winter's snowfall. Just 🖋️ choose your preferred style and provide the text you wish to be displayed. We'll infuse it with holiday spirit and print it with precision and clarity that only Santa's elves could match!

This isn't just any box; it's a promise of the joy to come. 🌟 Secure your Personalised Printed Christmas Eve Box now, and let the jingle bells ring to the tune of a holiday well-begun!

  • £19.99