• Humorous Personalised Coir Doormat - Cheeky Welcome Message😂

Humorous Personalised Coir Doormat - Cheeky Welcome Message😂

Welcome guests into your home with our beautifully crafted personalised coir door mats. These bespoke doormats, measuring 40cm x 60cm, are made from high-quality brown coir, ensuring both durability and a stunning natural appearance. Each of our door mats is equipped with an anti-slip latex backing for safety and convenience.

Our door mats are distinctively UV printed, ensuring the clarity and longevity of your chosen text. While you can personalise your coir door mat with any text you desire, making it a heart-warming gift for various occasions, this particular doormat features a unique and humorous message: "Stop, drop what you have and leave." This playful greeting makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a bit of humor and wit in their home decor and, is perfect for indivuals with a quirky sense of humor.

If you have any questions or specific customizations you would like for the door mat, please don’t hesitate to contact us before making your purchase. We are here to assist in creating the perfect personalised door mat that not only meets your needs but also reflects your fun and unique style.


  • £21.99