• Sophisticated Elegance Meets Whimsical Charm: Personalised Coir Mat ✨❤️

Sophisticated Elegance Meets Whimsical Charm: Personalised Coir Mat ✨❤️

Dive into a world where classic design intertwines with a pinch of fun, introducing the 'Kelly's' coir mat. A perfect blend of stately elegance and a dash of spirited warmth.

Details That Delight 🌟:

  • Classy Craftsmanship: Enjoy the rich texture of 100% genuine coir, synonymous with luxe and longevity.
  • Distinct UV Printed Typography: Our 1400 dpi UV printing ensures 'The Kelly's' stands out with panache and grace.
  • Just the Right Fit: At a chic 60cm x 40cm size, it's ideal for any indoor setting.

A Grand Gesture With A Heart 💎: The bold typography coupled with a delicate heart exudes a blend of traditional family values and contemporary aesthetics.

Ideal For 🎁:

  • The style-conscious homeowner
  • Elevating home entrances with a touch of personal flair
  • Thoughtful housewarming or anniversary gifts
  • Families who love a blend of tradition and modernity

Customisation at Its Easiest: Found your fit with the 'Kelly's'? Simply drop your family name or desired text in the box below, and voilà, personalisation perfected!

Gentle Note: This piece of art is best showcased indoors, ensuring it remains as timeless as your style.

Step into a world of refinement with a smile, because every home deserves a signature welcome that's both sophisticated and spirited. Secure your slice of luxury and fun now! 🏡✒️❤️

  • £21.99