• "There's Some Hoes in This House" Garden-Themed Door Mat 🌱🛠

"There's Some Hoes in This House" Garden-Themed Door Mat 🌱🛠

From the heart of central England, EversoPersonal UK brings to you a door mat that marries wit with whimsy. For those with a green thumb or a penchant for puns!


  • Perfectly Proportioned: This mat measures 60cm x 40cm, making it a fitting addition to your entrance.
  • Quality You Can Feel: Made of enduring natural coir to withstand frequent foot traffic.
  • Vivid UV Printing: The playful garden tools are brought to life with 1400 dpi UV print technology.

Why It’s Special:

  1. Pun-tastic Design: Offers a chuckle to guests familiar with the popular phrase while maintaining a garden theme.
  2. A Humorous Gift: Perfect for garden enthusiasts or those who appreciate a good play on words.
  3. Indoor-friendly: Designed to look fresh and remain slip-resistant when placed indoors.

Caring for Your Mat:
To ensure that the humour stays intact and the mat stays non-slip, it's recommended for indoor use only. Position it right at your entrance to greet guests with a giggle.

With EversoPersonal UK, your entrance becomes more than just a threshold; it’s a conversation starter! A blend of cheekiness and charm, this mat is sure to be a talking point. 🌷🏡

  • £19.99