• "Forget The Dog, Beware Of The Kids!" Family-Fun Door Mat πŸ˜‚πŸ‘£

"Forget The Dog, Beware Of The Kids!" Family-Fun Door Mat πŸ˜‚πŸ‘£

Introducing EversoPersonal UK's delightful spin on the traditional warning mat! Perfect for homes where the pint-sized inhabitants pose more of a challenge than the four-legged ones.


  • Spot-On Size: The mat spans 60cm x 40cm, a fitting size for any doorway.
  • Top-Notch Quality: Crafted from sturdy natural coir, it can withstand the most energetic of foot stampedes.
  • Crystal Clear Printing: Thanks to 1400 dpi UV printing technology, the mat's message remains vibrant and cheeky!

Why It's the Bee's Knees:

  1. Hilarity At Your Doorstep: Give your guests a chuckle before they even step inside.
  2. The Perfect Gift: Know a household where the kids reign supreme? They'll adore this!
  3. Effective... Maybe: While it might not deter intruders, it’ll sure give them a heads-up on what awaits!

Taking Care of This Gem:
While the mat’s humour can weather many a storm, for longevity, it's best placed indoors or in covered areas. Regular brushing will also keep it looking spiffy.

Transform your entrance into a hub of humor with EversoPersonal UK's spirited door mat. Perfect for homes that are more "wild rumpus" than "quiet retreat". Keep the dog, but brace yourself for the kiddos! 🐾🎈

Thank you for choosing EversoPersonal UK – Where every mat tells a (hilarious) story! 🌟

  • Β£19.99