• Circular Charm Personalised Coir Doormat

Circular Charm Personalised Coir Doormat

Invite elegance and charm to your doorstep with our artistically designed coir doormat, featuring a sophisticated pattern that complements any home. Made from the finest brown coir, this doormat is both durable and naturally beautiful, measuring 40cm x 60cm. The anti-slip latex backing keeps the mat in place, while the UV printing technology ensures the ornate design lasts through the seasons.

The intricate pattern of interlocking shapes makes this mat an ideal gift for those with an eye for detail and a love for geometric art. It’s perfect for hosts who enjoy entertaining, giving guests a glimpse of their refined taste even before stepping inside.

For those seeking a personalised touch or if you have any questions, please connect with us. We take great pride in assisting you to craft a doormat that not only greets your visitors but also reflects the sophistication and elegance of your home.

  • £17.99