• Quirky 'WecLome' - Reversible Personalised Coir Doormat

Quirky 'WecLome' - Reversible Personalised Coir Doormat

Welcome guests into your home with our beautifully crafted personalised coir door mats. These bespoke doormats, sized at 40cm x 60cm and made from high-quality brown coir, offer both durability and a stunning natural appearance. All our door mats come with an anti-slip latex backing to ensure safety and stability at your threshold.

Featuring a playful twist on the traditional greeting, our door mats are UV printed for clarity and longevity, bearing the witty 'WecLome' text that's sure to catch the eye and amuse your visitors. Perfect for injecting a bit of humour at your doorstep, these mats are ideal for those who enjoy a lighthearted take on home décor. They make excellent conversation starters and are a fitting choice for housewarming gifts, special occasions, or as a distinctive piece for the joker of the family.

Should you have any questions or require specific customisations for your door mat, please do not hesitate to contact us before making your purchase. We are committed to giving you a helping hand in creating the perfect personalised door mat for your home, one that brings joy right to your doorstep.

  • £21.99