• Hello/Goodbye Reversible Personalised Coir Doormat

Hello/Goodbye Reversible Personalised Coir Doormat

Welcome warmth and whimsy to your indoor entryways with our "Hello/Goodbye" Reversible Coir Door Mat! Perfect for those who appreciate a clever twist to their home decor, this mat delights upon arrival and leaves a lasting impression upon departure.

Sized at a convenient 60cm x 40cm and crafted from resilient, high-quality natural coir, this indoor mat is not only a visual treat but also a durable addition to your home. The anti-slip latex backing is designed to keep the mat securely in place, ensuring it's ready to handle the daily parade of feet with ease.

Featuring bold, high-resolution 1400 dpi printing, the words "Hello" and "Goodbye" are crisply presented, offering a charming greeting and farewell in one smart design. This mat is designed for indoor use, providing a neat, tidy, and playful welcome right at the threshold of your sanctuary.

This mat is the ideal conversation starter for a fun-loving household, a unique gift for a friend who enjoys a bit of humor, or just a quirky touch to your own indoor space.

Make every entrance and exit memorable with our "Hello/Goodbye" Coir Door Mat, specially designed for the interiors of discerning and humorous homeowners. Say 'Hello' to style and 'Goodbye' to the mundane with this delightful addition to your indoor decor. Grab yours from EversoPersonal UK today and let every entrance and exit be a reason to smile! 😄🚪👋

  • £21.99