• Classic Family Welcome - Personalised Natural Coir Door Mat 🏡✨"

Classic Family Welcome - Personalised Natural Coir Door Mat 🏡✨"

Roll out a natural welcome with our Personalized Natural Coir Door Mat, a must-have for any family looking to add a touch of timeless charm to their home’s entrance.

Crafted with care from eco-friendly coir fibers, this mat (sized at 60cm x 40cm) combines durability with design elegance. Featuring a bold, custom script framed by a sleek border, your family name takes center stage, inviting guests into your home with a personal touch that’s uniquely yours 🖋.

Each mat is created using the finest 1400 dpi printing technology, ensuring that 'The Kellys' or any name you choose, stands out with crisp, clear beauty. The high-quality print melds with the robust coir, promising a welcoming message that lasts.

Perfect for indoor use, this mat isn't just for wiping shoes—it's the starting point of your home story, a narrative woven through every fiber. It's a thoughtful gift for housewarmings, weddings, or just because, capturing the essence of home in every letter.

Let 'The Kellys' be the name that welcomes a world of friends, family, and fond memories to your door. Step onto a piece that’s as special as the home it graces, and let your doorstep be a hallmark of the warmth within 🏡💖.

  • £21.99