• Step Inside with Style: Personalised Coir Doormats for Your Home Sweet Home 🚪✨

Step Inside with Style: Personalised Coir Doormats for Your Home Sweet Home 🚪✨

Crafted with passion in our quaint central England studio, these indoor charmers transform any entryway into a warm, inviting space. Made from hearty natural coir and sized at a perfect 60cm x 40cm, they are a smart pick for dusting off the day and stepping into comfort.

🎨 Sharp, Stunning, and So You: With the highest quality 1400 dpi UV printing, your custom text comes to life in vivid detail, lasting much longer than your average welcome. Get ready to dazzle your indoor guests and tickle their fancy as they step in!

🎁 Ideal for Gifting: Searching for that standout present? Look no further! Our doormats are the ultimate gifts for newlyweds, new homeowners, or your quirky friend who loves a home accessory with character. It's a surefire way to make someone's day, every day.

😂 Fun Meets Functional: We believe in making practicality fun! Choose a funny quip, a family name, or a simple 'hello' that shows off your style. Our doormats don't just keep the floors clean; they're the opening line to your home's story.

📝 Personalization Made Easy: Want to create a doormat masterpiece? Simply type your desired text in the box below, and let us work our magic. It's effortless, it's quick, and it's going to look fabulous.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Elegance: Not just tough on dirt, but kind to the planet, our coir doormats offer the best of both worlds. Plus, they're designed for indoor use, so your entryways stay pristine and slip-free. (P.S. Keep these beauties indoors to ensure they stay looking their best!)

Ready to up the ante on your indoor ambiance? Get your hands on these limited-edition doormats now — they're just a click away from becoming the new talk of the town!

Just a friendly reminder: Be sure to let us know the special text you'd like to UV print on your doormat. It’s your home’s signature—let’s make it count! 💌🚪

  • £22.99