Master the Green: Personalized Crossed Clubs Golf Towel

Crafted to meet the golfer's every demand, our towels are made from premium 100% polyester microfibre. This material provides the ideal combination of lightweight durability and optimal performance under any weather conditions. With a 280gsm fabric, it perfectly balances absorbency with a quick-drying capability, essential for keeping your clubs and hands in top form.

Choose from three classic colours—deep black, bold blue, and elegant charcoal—to complement your golfing ensemble. Sized at 40 x 55cm, these towels are perfectly proportioned for easy access during play.

The personalised touch comes from the expertly embroidered white crossed golf clubs and your initials, embodying the timeless elegance and competitive spirit of golf. This detail ensures your towel stands out, adding a bespoke element to your gear.

Designed for superb absorption and rapid drying, our golf towels maintain your gear's cleanliness and grip. To retain the embroidery's precision and fabric's integrity, avoid tumble drying. Ideal as a thoughtful gift or a personal indulgence

  • £14.99