Precision on the Green: Custom Axe Embroidered Golf Towel

Crafted from superior 100% polyester microfibre, our golf towels strike the perfect balance between lightweight design and enduring quality. At 280gsm, they are optimised for excellent absorbency and rapid drying, ensuring your hands and equipment remain in pristine condition throughout the game.

Choose from three striking colours—deep black, classic charcoal, and vibrant blue. Each towel measures 40 x 55cm and is equipped with a handy hook and grommet for easy attachment to your golf bag.

The highlight is the bold white embroidery, featuring an axe design crossed behind your initials, a symbol of the strength and precision of your game. This distinctive detail adds a layer of personal flair, reflecting the golfer's individuality.

To maintain the quality of the microfibre and the sharpness of the embroidery, avoid tumble drying.

The Custom Axe Embroidered Golf Towel is an ideal personalised gift for any occasion, showing thoughtfulness and consideration in every stitch.
  • £14.99