Personalised Festive Wooden Christmas Eve Box - Custom Printed Christmas Eve Keepsake Box 🎄🎁

🎄 Deck the Halls with Personalised Delights! 🎅 Dive into the festive spirit with our exclusive Personalised Christmas Eve Box. Measuring a generous 100mm x 250mm x 200mm, this wooden treasure is your pre-Christmas magic portal, crafted with love in the heart of central England.

🌟 Choose from 5 enchanting designs, each echoing the merriment of the season. Our state-of-the-art 1400 dpi print ensures every box radiates vibrant colours and intricate details – it's a visual treat as enticing as the goodies you'll stash inside!

🎁 Whether it's for the little elves or the grown-up Santa believers, personalisation makes it even more special. Just pop your desired text in the box below, and we'll sprinkle it with our Christmas magic.

Order now, and embark on a festive journey that's 'eversopersonal'. Ideal for those searching for 'UK-crafted Christmas keepsakes' and 'bespoke festive treasure boxes 🛷🌟

  • £19.99