Chic Canine Comfort: Personalised Dog Towels

Crafted from premium fabric, our towels measure 50x90cm, perfect for enveloping even the fluffiest friend in softness while providing efficient moisture absorption. With a palette of over 24 thread colours, personalisation options abound, allowing you to choose a hue that matches your dog's personality, from serene blues and vibrant pinks to elegant grays.

Our collection features three stylish embroidery designs: the loving heart paw print, the classic single paw print, and the distinct double paw print. Personalising your dog towel is simple—just provide your dog's name, select your thread colour, and choose your embroidery design.

Ideal for gifting or treating your own pet, these towels are more than just practical; they're a luxurious statement of your dog's unique style. Stand out from the crowd with a towel that celebrates the love you have for your dog, offering not just a product but an experience.
  • £12.99