Personalised Wall Tile Photos - Wall Collage PhotoTiles Mix and reposition your photo tiles Canvas Alternative Framed Custom Family Portrait

Our fab photo tiles are available in 4 shapes, Square, Rectangle, Heart, and Hexagon. The tiles are made from display-grade solid 5mm board, they are lightweight and the print is stunning. We don’t use any stickers, we directly print to the board, they are waterproof, and strong but lightweight. You can use 3m command strips, to stick them directly to the wall, these are repositionable and clean removable, allowing you to change the position and mix up the photo tiles as you like, they are available at any supermarket or hardware store, alternatively, you can even use blu tack for a more temporary fixing. Our photo tiles are a stunning alternative to old-fashioned canvas prints. They look modern and are guaranteed to give your photos that wow factor.

We have shown 2 of the tiles as printed text and 1 as a printed heart. This is just to show you what’s possible, but we can create the same effect for you at no extra charge, or you can have them all as printed photos.

Please note, that the photo shows 9 tiles, so you will need to purchase 9 tiles if this is the design you intend on recreating, we will have to crop your photos to the correct format, so photos that show the person or object in the middle are the best, as part of the outside of the photo will be lost, depending on the shape selected. If you would like to see proof prior to it being printed, please let us know.

Please Send Us an Email with all your photos if you have chosen either 6 or 9 Tiles


Square 200mm x 200mm

Rectangle 300mm x 200mm

Heart 240mm x 200

Hexagon 230mm x 200mm

  • £6.99