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Our fantastic photo tiles come in four shapes: Square, Rectangle, Heart, and Hexagon. These tiles are crafted from display-grade solid 5mm board, making them not only lightweight but also stunning in print quality. Unlike traditional methods that use stickers, we print directly onto the board. This ensures that the tiles are waterproof, durable, yet remain light. For mounting, you can use 3M Command strips for a secure, yet adjustable attachment to your wall. These strips are repositionable and cleanly removable, allowing you the freedom to rearrange your photo tiles anytime. They are readily available in any supermarket or hardware store. Alternatively, Blu Tack can be used for a more temporary placement. Our photo tiles offer a modern alternative to the old-fashioned canvas prints, enhancing your space with a modern look and delivering that "wow" factor to your photos.

We have displayed two of the tiles with printed text and one with a printed heart to showcase the possibilities. We offer to create this effect for you at no extra cost, or you can opt for all printed photos.

Please be aware, the photo illustration shows a set of nine tiles. If you wish to replicate this design, you will need to purchase nine tiles. We will need to crop your photos to fit the selected shape, with centre-positioned subjects being ideal since the outer parts of the photo may be trimmed. If you would like a proof before printing, do let us know.

For orders of six or nine tiles, please email us all your chosen photos.

Sizes available:

  • Square: 200mm x 200mm
  • Rectangle: 300mm x 200mm
  • Heart: 240mm x 200mm
  • Hexagon: 230mm x 200mm
  • £6.99