• Enchanted Unicorn Wooden Christmas Eve Box – Magical Custom Xmas Keepsake ğŸ¦„ğŸŽ„

Enchanted Unicorn Wooden Christmas Eve Box – Magical Custom Xmas Keepsake ğŸ¦„ğŸŽ„

Spark a twinkle in your little one's eyes with the Enchanted Unicorn Christmas Eve Box, straight from the heart of EverSoPersonal UK's creative studio. This whimsical box, graced with a playful unicorn amidst a festive scene, is the perfect prelude to Santa's visit. 🌟✨

Doused in lilac hues and adorned with a majestic Christmas tree, our Unicorn Christmas Eve Box is a fantasy come to life. Measuring 25cm x 20cm x 10cm, it's the ideal size for tucking away those special Christmas Eve delights. ğŸŽğŸŽ€

Expertly crafted with love and personalized with precision, "Alicia's Christmas Eve Box" can be customized for your child, creating a one-of-a-kind holiday treasure. Each box is a canvas for their imagination, promising to keep the magic of Christmas well and alive. 🦄💜

Perfect for:

  • Kids dreaming of a Christmas filled with wonder and unicorns.
  • Families looking to add a touch of enchantment to their holiday traditions.
  • A charming and personalized gift that's as unique as the receiver.

📝 Ready to add some enchantment to your order? Let us know the name or message you'd like featured, and our 1400 dpi high-resolution printing will ensure every star and snowflake is crisp and clear, making your gift a dazzling spectacle under the holiday lights.

Make this Christmas Eve unforgettable with our Enchanted Unicorn Christmas Eve Box. It's not just a box; it's a keepsake that captures the heart of the holidays – a place where magic and memories meet. ğŸŽ…ğŸ§šâ€â™‚ï¸

🔍 On the hunt for a gift that combines festive cheer with a touch of fantasy? Your search ends with a sprinkle of unicorn dust. Let our box be the crown jewel of your Christmas Eve celebration. Order now and let the holiday enchantment begin! 🦄📦


  • £19.99