Personalised Festive Slate Placemats & Coasters, Customised Rustic Slate Christmas Table set 🎄✨🍽️

Deck the Tables with Unique Elegance! 🎄✨

Elevate your festive dining with our Personalised Christmas Slate Placemats and coasters. Expertly crafted in the heart of England, these bespoke beauties promise to be the star of your table setting! 🍽️✨ Choose from four whimsical designs, each radiating the merry vibes of the season. 🦌❄️

📏 Size Matters: Cozy up with coasters at 100mm x 100mm and placemats sprawling at 300mm x 250mm. Whether you're pairing them up or flying solo, they fit every festive mood.

🖨️ Crystal Clear Prints: With 1400 dpi print precision, we ensure every detail stands out, directly imprinted on the slate, ensuring longevity and awe-inspiring vibrancy.

🎁 Gift with a Personal Touch: Make it special for everyone - from the Johnsons to the Westwoods. Type your message in the box below, and watch your sentiments come to life!

🍀 Organic & Unique: Embrace the rustic charm of organic slate, ensuring each piece stands out. Every slate, with its hand-cut finesse, holds a story. Due to its natural essence, you may find variations in texture, cut, and smoothness, adding to its unique character.

💡 Natural Beauty: Each slate piece is a natural marvel, cut by hand. Differences in stone texture, cut, and smoothness lend a unique touch, making every piece distinctively beautiful. These natural quirks enhance the rustic charm, making it an endearing piece for your table.

Dive into a dining experience that blends tradition, style, and personal touch. With SEO-optimized magic, watch as your festive table becomes the talk of the town! 🌟

To personalise: Please jot down the desired text below. We're ready to bring your festive wishes to slate!"

Note: Due to the unique nature of slate, there might be natural differences in texture, cut, and smoothness. This may lead to natural imperfections in the surface and edges, enhancing its rustic allure. 🗿🎨

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