• Young Product Testers

    My Girls obviously adore cuddly teddy bears, for a long time, I’ve wanted to offer a child friendly gift, something personal, that can be treasured and be a great comfort to them. I’m please to say we finally have the perfect option. We will be launching a small range of personalised teddy bears,... View Post
  • Ever So Personal Our Journey

    Ever So Personal Our Journey Hi I’m Martha Kelly, founder and owner of Ever So Personal. I started my journey as a designer of glass films 10 years ago, though this has paid the bills so to speak I never quite found it as for-filling or creatively satisfying as I’d hoped. As a busy mum of four be... View Post
  • Teaching the Girls about Laser Engraving

    My Girls Love to make things and when those things are made with a machine, the fun factor is explosive. I had decided to take the girls to work, to teach them all about Laser Cutting and Engraving, hoping they could learn a skill that could lead to future opportunities, perhaps even one day, the... View Post