Teaching the Girls about Laser Engraving

My Girls Love to make things and when those things are made with a machine, the fun factor is explosive. I had decided to take the girls to work, to teach them all about Laser Cutting and Engraving, hoping they could learn a skill that could lead to future opportunities, perhaps even one day, they may like to join our family business; Ever So Personal.  

As a project we chose Raster Engraving to Denim. Each one of the girls had an opportunity to design their own pattern to be Raster engraved to personalise their own Denim Dress. When Denim is marked with a Laser it leaves a lovely White mark that contrasts the dark Blue Denim.  It was a fantastic day that the children really enjoyed. They simply love showing people their new Personalised Denim Dresses.

It has prompted me to think about launching a small range of personalised Denim goods. So be on the look out for these, they will be coming very soon.


Martha Xx