Ever So Personal Our Journey

Ever So Personal Our Journey

Hi I’m Martha Kelly, founder and owner of Ever So Personal. I started my journey as a designer of glass films 10 years ago, though this has paid the bills so to speak I never quite found it as for-filling or creatively satisfying as I’d hoped. As a busy mum of four beautiful young girls, I often spend my spare time crafting and working on school projects and have found this to be immensely more rewarding and satisfying.

As time has passed I have made all the gifts for loved ones myself. I believe there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the reaction of someone you love, when they open a truly unique gift that’s had great thought, love and care put into it. I have always had the support of my husband Lee, and think at first he loved the cost saving of my creative homemade gifts.  

As time went on, I’d had countless requests from friends and family to create them gifts they could give to their loved ones. While I always freely gave these to people, as I personally enjoyed making them, my husband became somewhat hesitant about spending so much of my spare time and money, probably not unreasonable with us having such a large family to support. In a discussion, if memory serves me right, he used the terms, ‘you’re bankrupting us’ and ‘you never have any free time’. While always being supportive he said ‘If this is really your passion, you should pursue it as a business and charge people for the gifts’. I reluctantly agreed. I suppose it was that voice in my head telling me that people may not think my offerings were worth having, if not for free.

So I started my little business ‘Ever So Personal’, selling at trade fares, fetes and markets. I was truly amazed and overwhelmed by how it grew and how many people were in demand of my personalised gifts. Fast forward a few years and having managed to save we purchased our first laser cutter, this allowed my creative potential to really shine, and has prompted me to now sell these products online. I want to thank everyone who has so far supported and encouraged me to fulfil my lifelong ambition.

So that’s the Ever So Personal story, we are a family owned growing business, filled with likeminded team of friends and family, who share the core belief that…..  ‘We are Ever So personal, we will bring the most beautiful and unique personalised gifts to everyone that desires one and at an affordable cost.’


Martha Xx